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Hosting J-1 Student Interns

If your academic unit is interested in hosting an intern who is enrolled in a degree program outside the U.S., the immigration category we will use is J-1 Student Intern. The intern will need DS-2019 form to apply for J-1 visaMSU Host Department must submit a DS-2019 request to OISS at least 8 weeks prior to the intended start date of the program at MSU.


Eligibility Requirements

Internship Program Must

  • Fulfill objectives of degree program at home institution​ 

  • Last no more than 12 months​ 

  • Have at least 60% in-person engagement (e.g. 3 days per week) 

Student Intern Must

  • Be enrolled and pursuing a post-secondary degree 

  • Be in good academic standing at home institution 

  • Possess adequate English skills for the internship 

  • Engagement in the internship is the primary objective, not employment 

  • Return to home institution once internship ends  

Evaluation Requirements

  • J-1 Student Intern Evaluation Form

  • Government regulations require that the student intern and their immediate supervisor sign the evaluation. All internship programs require a final concluding evaluation. 

  • Internships lasting longer than six months also require at least one additional evaluation undertaken at the midpoint of the program.  

Insurance Requirements

  • Federal regulations require that all J-1 and J-2 visa holders carry health insurance at all times. The MSU host department may purchase this insurance at its discretion. If the student intern is not eligible for MSU employee health insurance, they must purchase Blue Care Network insurance plan through the MSU Benefits Office at their own expense.  

Application Process

Step 1: Host department gathers required documents and submits a DS-2019 request to OISS by email

Please submit your complete application with “J-1 Student Intern DS-2019 Request” subject line by email to jvisas(at)msu.eduYour completed application must consist of the following documents:  If the internship will take place at an off-campus host organization, the following documents are also required: 

Hosting Fee: 

Starting September 2, 2024, OISS will charge a fee of $150 to the department for hosting a J-1 scholar. J-1 Student Interns are included in the scholar fee requirement. The fee revenue will provide many enhanced benefits for both scholars and host departments, including the creation of a new J-1 scholar emergency fund and on-demand orientation and training programs for both scholars and host departments. The fee will be assessed when a student intern checks in with OISS upon arrival. Fees will not be assessed if a student intern cannot arrive at MSU for any reason.


Step 2: Host department submits Export Control Worksheet (ECW)

Export Control Worksheet (ECW) must be submitted to MSU Office of Export Controls & Trade Sanctions on or before the DS-2019 request submission date (exempt, if program involves no research).

Step 3: OISS reviews the DS-2019 request

Your application will be reviewed by OISS within 10-15 business days. If the J-1 Student Intern request is incomplete and needs corrections or additional documentation, the OISS advisor will contact the host department and ask for follow-up. Once the J-1 Student Intern request is approved, OISS will issue a DS-2019 within 2-3 business days. 


Step 4: OISS sends a DS-2019 to J-1 Student Intern

Your student intern will receive an email with directions on how to log into MyOISS portal and securely download their DS-2019 and DS-7002 forms. Please note that student interns must print and sign their DS-2019 and show the printed copy along with the DS-7002 at both the U.S. Embassy/Consulate where they apply for their J-1 visa stamp, and at the airport or land border where they enter the U.S.