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Employers and J-1 Third Party Hosts

Be a part of providing hands-on professional training for MSU international students and capitalize on the benefits of internationalizing your organization. Learn more about work authorization options for international students that do not require employer sponsorship such as Optional Practical Training, Curricular Practical Training, and Academic Training. 


The State of Michigan hosts over 30,000 international students every year. Not only do international students support over 14,000 jobs and bring $1.1 billion to the Michigan economy but they also provide our State with a talented pool of graduates who are eager to start their careers. 

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International Student Work Authorization

Many employers are concerned about immigration challenges. However, most students are able to accept employment without employer sponsorship or financial investment using international student work authorization.

Learn more about international student work authorization options:

Consult with an Immigration Attorney

Consult with an immigration attorney if you have questions or want more information about how to sponsor international students as employees after international student work authorization periods end. Search for an immigration attorney on the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) website.

Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan

Focusing on attracting international students to work in Michigan after graduation, Global Detroit‘s Global Talent Retention Initiative strengthens and diversifies the state’s economy through the retention of top international talent.

The organization provides excellent resources and information for employers. 

Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan

J-1 Third Party Hosts

Organizations that host MSU J-1 students on Academic Training work authorization or MSU J-1 Scholars are considered “Third Party Hosts”. Before hosting an MSU J-1 student or scholar, all Third Party Hosts must complete the following steps:

Once the Third Party Host Agreement is signed and submitted to OISS, your organization may begin to host MSU J-1 students or scholars.

J-1 Student Academic Training 

If you are hosting a J-1 student on Academic Training work authorization, you must complete an evaluation of the student before the end of the training. Email the completed evaluation to jvisas(at)