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Life in the U.S.

police-standard side by side.jpgU.S. Laws and Safety

Your safety is important to Michigan State University and the East Lansing community.

side-by-side_dorm.jpgCultural Adjustment

Understanding the adjustment process and getting support when you need it will help you succeed at MSU.


Driving side-by-side.jpgDriving in Michigan

Learn the process for applying for and maintaining a driver's license in Michigan. 

State ID side by side.jpgState Identification Card

A State Identification Card allows you prove your name, identity, age and address without showing your passport. 

Social Security Card.jpgSocial Security Number

The U.S. social security number is required in order to be paid for work in the United States. 

income tax side by side.jpgTaxes

Filing taxes can be complicated. OISS and other units on campus are here to help.