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Statistical Report

Orientation.JPGInternational Student Enrollment Data at Michigan State University

OISS is responsible for serving international students at MSU and prepares a statistical report each fall. Reports contain data on international student enrollment and annual highlights. This publication is available at the end of every fall semester.

Since admitting its first international students in 1873, MSU has welcomed tens of thousands of international students and scholars to East Lansing. Today, MSU is home to over 9,000 international students, scholars, and their dependent family members from more than 140 countries. In addition to contributing to the academic and intercultural environment, international students also have a tremendous positive economic impact on the Greater Lansing area. Michigan State University's international students contribute $324.5 million to the local economy through spending on education, housing, dining, retail, transportation, telecommunications, and health care. This economic impact supports 4,675 jobs in the Greater Lansing area. 

Source: NAFSA International Student Economic Value Tool


Fall 2020 Snapshot

  • 4,527 international students from 140 countries are enrolled for Fall Semester 2020, including:
    • 2,643 undergraduate students
    • 1,820 graduate students
    • 62 non-degree and visiting students 
    • 753 students currently on Optional Practical Training (OPT) 

  • The top 10 sending countries for international students are as follows: 
    • China, with 2,718 students 
    • India with 581 students 
    • South Korea with 266 students 
    • Canada with 153 students
    • Taiwan with 143 students 
    • Iran with 101 students
    • Saudi Arabia with 65 students
    • Bangladesh with 59 students
    • Turkey with 55 students
    • Vietnam with 46 students 
  • The top fields of study for international students in 2020 are the following: 
    • Business 
    • Engineering
    • Communication 
    • Computer Science
    • Social Sciences