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OISS Celebrates the 2019 Globie Awards

Meet this year's winners

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Published: Thursday, 25 Apr 2019 Author: Joy Shantz

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Office for International Students and Scholars, OISS, hosted the annual Globie Awards Ceremony & Reception. 

Every spring, OISS recognizes a few members of the MSU community who make a special effort to serve international students, scholars and their families with a Globie Award.

When OISS asked for nominations for the Globie Awards this year, the form encouraged nominators to share details about how they know this person and about their specific acts of service. OISS asked them to share the most impactful and inspiring interactions they have had with this person – and inspiring is the best word to describe the stories they told!

This year’s class of Globie winners represents faculty, staff, and students at MSU. These extraordinary members of the MSU community have served international students in a variety of ways – from advocating for better career opportunities, to sitting by their hospital bed during crisis surgery, to being a friendly, welcoming presence day-by-day in the office, classroom, research lab or barn.

Part of the Globie Awards tradition is to capture the stories of the winners on video, so their stories can be told to a wider audience. 

Asif Iftekhar, Sophomore, Computer Science

Woman standing with young man, who is holding a Globie Award trophy.
Asif Iftekhar with OISS Director Krista McCallum-Beatty, receiving his Globie Award.

The first Globie winner is one of two undergraduate students to win a Globie Award in the past six years! Asif Iftekhar, an international undergraduate student from Bangladesh, is a fantastic example of making the most of the opportunities around you. Only in his second year at MSU, Asif is already involved in student government, international cultural organizations, the Global Spartan Leadership Program, and many other activities. Asif was nominated specifically for his work on advocating for the Economics major to be considered a STEM field, for the purpose of improved work authorization opportunities for international students. 
Learn more of Asif’s story in his interview. 

Cindy Walter, Academic Advisor, Department of Linguistics and Languages 

Two women standing together, one holding her Globie Award trophy.
Cindy Walter with OISS Director Krista McCallum-Beatty, receiving her Globie Award.

The next Globie Winner is part of Community Volunteers for International Programs, CVIP, and helps match community friends with international students and scholars as part of the International Friendship Program. But what Cindy Walter has done for one international student in particular over the past year has shown her commitment to be not only a friend, but an advocate, helper and truly a family-away-from-home for this student and for others. Learn more of Cindy’s story in her interview. 

Donna & James Kells, Technician in Potato Breeding Program and Chair, Department of Plan, Soil and Microbial Sciences 

Two women and one man stand together, couple is receiving their Globie Award trophy.
Donna and James Kells with OISS Director Krista McCallum-Beatty, receiving their Globie Award.
The final Globie Winners for 2019 received a record-breaking 10 separate nominations, from international students and scholars from across the world – literally, one student sent her nomination from her field research site in Kenya! 
Donna and James Kells havemade a huge impact in the lives of these students, scholars and now alumni through creating a welcoming environment in their work but, even more importantly, in their home.
Learn more about the Kells in their interview
Once again, congratulations to this year's Globie Award winners!