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OISS Student Advisory Groups

An advisory group is composed of selected individuals who have unique knowledge, experiences and skills in order to advise OISS on specific topics. 

project explore.JPGOur advisory groups serve to make recommendations and provide key information to OISS related to the international student and scholar experience at MSU. OISS seeks advice from these groups in order to help us provide better services and programming in support of the international community at MSU.

For more information about OISS advisory groups, contact Liz Matthews, Assistant Director for Programming, Communications, and Outreach at elizm(at)

Project Explore

Project Explore serves as the Chinese undergraduate student advisory group for OISS. This is a thinking group that develops ideas and recommends actions. They advise OISS on the experience of being an international student from China and give us insight into things students may need or challenges students may face.

Founded in the fall of 2010, OISS formed the advisory group to ensure that the MSU campus and community could meet the needs of the significantly increasing enrollment of undergraduate students from China. This group is intended to help OISS provide appropriate and adequate programs and services for Chinese undergraduate students.

There are seven Chinese undergraduate international students that make up this advisory group. Members are chosen for their academic standing, involvement on campus and ability to reflect on their experiences at MSU.

Programs and Activities

On-Campus Job Resource Program

The On-Campus Job Resource Program promotes the idea of working on-campus in order to prepare for future internships and careers. The program gives students an opportunity to talk with campus employers and learn about the value of on-campus employment from current students. This program takes place during the fall semester. 

Consultations with Campus and Community Departments and Programs

Provide insight to leaders of campus and community departments and programs in order to help improve services and experiences for international students at MSU. 

Pre-Departure Programs in Beijing and Shanghai

The Pre-Departure program organized by OISS and Project Explore provides an opportunity for newly admitted Chinese students and their parents to learn more about MSU before arriving on campus. Pre-Departure programs take place in May or June every year. 

If you're a Chinese undergraduate international student and are interested in getting involved, please contact Liz Matthews at elizm(at)

International Student Advisory Group

The International Student Advisory Group is an extension of the International Students Association (ISA). ISA e-board members meet and communicate with the Director of OISS to provide insights into the experiences of international students and offer suggestions on how the university can improve life at MSU for international students.