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Scholar Showcase

The Annual Scholar Showcase provides an opportunity for MSU’s visiting scholars to share their research (creative or scholarly) with the MSU community and network with their peers, faculty, and students. Join us in exploring the research being conducted at MSU by visiting scholars!


2023 Scholar Showcase

Friday, April 7th 4:00-6:00pm

International Center, Spartan Rooms B&C 


Meet Our 2023 Presenters

  1. Kelem Gashu AlamrieThe Link Between Photorespiration and One-carbon Metabolism

  2. Ilhomjon AslanovCentral Asia faces new ecological challenges due to the impacts of global climate change

  3. Tapas BhattacharyyaHepatic OATP a reporter protein for MRI of cell therapy

  4. Leanne (Li-Yuan) ChangStrategies for Assessing Health Information Credibility on Social Media Among Older Adults: A Qualitative Study

  5. Xayapheth ChaphichithInstitutional Autonomy of Higher Education:Historical Perspective of National University of Laos

  6. Deepak Bhandari Dharamchand BhandariPathogen-triggered immune activation leads to local cell wall remodeling and alters AGP accumulation

  7. Lei FanMyocardial perfusion-mechanics computational model for predicting demand-supply mismatch across the heart wall

  8. Orzigul GanievaThe Poetics of XX century American Realistic Short Fiction

  9. Singh GurjeetA data-driven approach using the remotely sensed high-resolution soil moisture product to identify water-demand in agricultural regions

  10. Syeda HamdaniFacile Approach for the Development of Oil and Water-Resistant Coated Papers Employing Environmentally Friendly Graft Copolymers

  11. Dilorom IsmoilovaThe semantic field of "Crime" in English and Uzbek languages

  12. Ajmir KhanMelt-pretreatment impact on poly (ethylene terephthalate) chemical recycling

  13. Artem KiselevHomeostasis of Langerhans Cells

  14. Pulane Koosaletse-MswelaSafety of vegetables irrigated with treated effluent from a wastewater treatment plant in Gaborone, Botswana

  15. Aleksandra KostinaA human embryonic-like heart organoid model with recreated neural crest cell migration

  16. Qiang LiuEasement reform of collective forest land in national parks: Impact on the employment transfer of forest farmers

  17. Cristal Lopez GonzalezHow plant leaves modify its phylloplane under external pH changes

  18. Francois MaclotInfluence of host variety and community composition on the dynamics of virus infections in a North American native prairie grass

  19. Gulbakhor NazarovaGender Difference in Speech and Communication

  20. Pranav PillaiInducing a condensation event at differing humidities to study release kinetics of a plant growth regulator from a polymer film

  21. Irene SegopoloNarratives and lived experiences of female patients, survivors, and caregivers in Botswana; An exploratory study

  22. Anuradha SinghGenetic analysis of leaf functional and eco-physiological traits for optimized photosynthesis in sorghum

  23. Constanze TinzThe role of nucleus accumbens neurons projecting to the ventral hippocampus in sex-specific stress susceptibility in mice

  24. Amar Deep Tiwari, Interplays between dam construction, climate, hydrology, land use, and ecology in the lower Mekong River basin

  25. Baneen Umm UlObjectivity in the era of Citizen Journalism: Self reporting in Kashmir Post Aug 5 ,2019

  26. Sumera UmraniTeacher Development through the Construction of Teacher Identity: A Cross-cultural Study

  27. Haifeng Wang, Computational Modeling of Coronary Sinus Occlusion for Ischemia


Register To Be A Presenter

Register to be a presenter by completing this survey. Please read carefully about the methods of presentation below, you will be required to select a method within the survey. 

Deadline to register is Friday, March 17th. 

Questions? Email jvisas(at)

OISS will provide you with a table and space. Below are the options in which you may choose to do your presentation:


You must provide your own poster. You can print one through the MSU Library -

If you will need an easel, please indicate that request on the registration form. 


You must provide your own laptop or iPad. OISS can provide a monitor to display your work. You will need to bring your own connectors. 


Indicate on the registration form if you have special space needs to display your work. 

Other Table Top Display:

OISS can provide a trifold cardboard display board in either of the following sizes: 35.5" x 44" or 28" x 40" 

Attend the Scholar Showcase Reception

Join OISS to learn, appreciate, and get inspired by our scholars’ work here at MSU. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and connect with professionals in the field of your interest! 

The 2023 Scholar Showcase will be held during a special OISS Coffee Hour on Friday, April 7th from 4:00-6:00PM EST in the International Center, Spartan Rooms B & C. Light refreshments will be served.