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Sponsored students

The International Sponsored Student

For the purposes of the ISSP, a sponsored student is defined as a student who receives a financial scholarship from a government, an organization or a company (not private individuals or relatives). Sponsors are usually based in the student's home country , but not in all cases.

Please note: The ISSP does not provide financial aid for students or refer students to potential sponsors. For more information on scholarships and funding available to international students, please refer to Scholarship and Grant Information.

Resources for Current International Sponsored Students

The ISSP Coordinator: Current sponsored students (those who have already received scholarships and are currently studying at MSU), can meet with the ISSP Coordinator during walk-in advising hours (1-3pm Monday through Friday, Room 7 International Center). Students may also meet with one of the walk-in advisors in the main OISS location, Room 105, International Center, during these same walk-in hours.

Online Community: The ISSP has established an online community that brings together current, past, and future MSU International Sponsored Students. Members of the online community can receive and send emails and also access web features and resources for the group.

Useful Links and Information :

Health Insurance Waiver Request: For students who already have a health insurance policy from their sponsor. The waiver request, if approved, will allow students to opt out of the required MSU health insurance policy and charges. Students need to submit the online waiver request and also provide the Benefits Office with proof of insurance and a copy of the insurance policy summary. Deadlines are September 30 (fall and annual requests) and January 31 (for spring and summer requests).

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