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Prearrival Information

Information for Families

Public School Information

All children in Michigan between the ages of 6 and 16 must attend school by law. Children may begin attending public Kindergarten at age 5. Public schools are free of cost and books and supplies are provided. Children younger than age 5 may attend preschool. However, preschool is not free – be prepared to pay tuition if you wish for your child to attend preschool.

To enroll your child in public school, you must provide information about your child’s health, including immunization records. By law, the school must have an immunization record in English for each student. If such a record does not exist for your child or is inadequate, you will be asked to have the child immunized before he or she attends school. The school may also request that your child have a physical exam prior to enrollment. In addition, please be prepared to show your child’s birth certificate, prior school records (if any) and/or passport.

Each school district is required by law to provide free and appropriate education for all children. If you have a child who is handicapped or who needs special consideration, contact the Special Education section of the East Lansing School District ( at (517) 333-7459 or: ( This office will find the right program for your child and provide whatever help he or she needs. Education is the right of every child.

Family & Child Care

The MSU Family Resource Center assists staff, faculty, and students in their search for quality child care (or elder care) services on campus or in the surrounding areas. The staff is available to consult with you about your particular child care needs. For more information on family services, please visit the Family Resource Center website at: (

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