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Apply for Insurance Waiver (Students only):

Students who purchase their own private health insurance may request an "insurance waiver" online, which is an exception from the mandatory Aetna Student Health policy. Students may qualify for the waiver by providing proof that their private health insurance meets certain minimum requirements.

Apply for the health insurance waiver online

For more info, please visit : Student Health Insurances

Please Note: Students and their dependent family members can only apply for an insurance waiver at certain time. Please see the table below for the waiver submission deadlines.

Insurance waiver Enrollment period Waiver submission deadlines
  Starts Ends Deadline
2011-2012 Spring/Summer January 1, 2012 August 14, 2012 January 31, 2012
2011-2012 Fall August 15, 2011 December 31, 2011 September 30, 2011
2011-2012 Annual August 15, 2011 August 14, 2012 September 30, 2011

Reminder: Waiver gap
Make sure your insurance covers the entire period the waiver requested. If your insurance begins after the start date of the enrollment period, you will have a gap in coverage. If something happens during that gap, you don't have coverage and could end up paying huge bills!

MSU Minimum Requirements for all MSU international students

Visa Status Health Insurance
F-1 Required by MSU
F-2 Not required but extremely unsafe to be without. Protect your family today!
J-1 Required by US Government
(J-1 students must meet MSU requirements)
J-2 Required by US Government

Attention students!! A new health insurance minimum requirement will be effective from 08/15/2011. Please review your insurance policy before applying for the waiver. A new waiver system is also in use. Please read "New waiver system" below for detail.

  • Lifetime minimum of $250,000 coverage for accidents and sickness
  • Deductible: $500 or less per individual per policy year
  • Coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical services (including labs and x-rays)
  • Coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health services
  • Cover prescriptions
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Medical evacuation to an international student's home country: $10,000 or more
  • Repatriation (removal of remains after death) to an international student's home country: $7,500 or more
  • Coverage for the waiver period requested

Additional Requirements for Human, Osteopathic, Veterinary Medicine Students:

Coverage for HIV infection, including Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome (AIDS), AIDS-related complex, and a positive HIV test