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Mental Health Care

For everyone, life can be very stressful during semester, even more so while studying in a foreign country without family and friends around you. A recent survey showed that 72% of MSU students would seek help from counseling center if they felt overwhelmed. Fighting stress and depression is healthy and can help you to succeed.

All services are confidential. Your privacy is protected by law: Without your written agreement, information from your confidential record can't be released to a third party. Faculty, university administrators, and parents are not allowed to access your Counseling Center record (limited exceptions to this rule apply to minors, health or safety emergencies, and court subpoenas).

Summary of services available to you:

  • Full-time MSU Students:
    • Up to 8 free visits per year at the MSU Counseling Center. You can choose to participate in a one-on-one counseling, couples counseling or group counseling. For more information, please visit: MSU Counseling. To make an appointment, please call: 517-355-8270.
    • 3 free psychiatric visits through the Olin Psychiatry Clinic.
    • If you need additional services, the Aetna Student Health will cover most of the cost of additional visits (only a $10 co-pay per visit).
  • Scholars who are also employees of MSU (and family members):
    • Free counseling services for employees and immediate family members from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). To learn more about these services, please visit MSU Employee Assistance Program
    • If you need further assistance, the EAP can give you a referral to another provider.
  • Scholars who purchases Aetna plan on their own through MSU:
    • You will be mostly covered for the costs of any individual mental health care (only a $10 co-pay per visit).
  • Family members:
    • Any family member of an international student or scholar who purchases the Aetna Student Health plan will be mostly covered for the costs of any individual mental health care (only a $10 co-pay per visit).
  • If you use a private health insurance policy:
    • Check with your insurance company. Be careful - not all private insurance policies cover mental health care! (*STUDENTS: Coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health services is now required by MSU.)