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International students groups funding application


The Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) financially support registered international student programming as a way to contribute to the internationalization of MSU and the Greater Lansing community. Although the amount of funding is limited and awarded in a first-come, first-served basis, we encourage student groups to apply for funding to support their cultural sharing events


  • Requests must come from a Registered Student Organization. For information on applying (Link:
  • Initiatives should provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchange through educational and cultural programs and encourage intercultural interaction between students and community members from diverse cultures.
  • You must demonstrate how you will achieve this culture sharing goal in your application. It is not enough just to bring diverse groups of people together. Examples of cultural sharing include: celebrating a national holiday, a cultural dance, etc.
  • Applications must be received via email at least 3 weeks prior to your event date.
  • RSOs must not make any profit from an OISS sponsored event.
  • Events must be inclusive to all cultures and members of the community and must be open to the public.
  • OISS will promote your event on our Calendar of Events and social media.
  • If any details (date, location, time) of an approved event changes, you must immediately notify OISS. Failing to do so will result in losing your sponsorship for the event.
  • The funding amount and approval is final.
  • OISS will not reimburse items or extra funds that were not pre-approved.
  • You must to schedule a meeting with Stephanie Ly ( after receiving the initial funding approval e-mail from OISS and before making any purchases or orders. Failing to attend this meeting will result in the cancelation of OISS sponsorship for your event.
  • Do not advertise the event until the funding request has been approved and all expenses and purchasing procedures have been approved in person by Stephanie Ly

funding process timeline

Note: If your event will be held on campus, you must also *request approval from Student Life in 101 Student Services

*You must also submit the online form week in advance of promoting an event or selling tickets in areas such as the International center lobby, Wells Hall, etc.


  • Download the Event Funding Application.
  • Answer the eligibility questionnaire.
  • Complete the event information and description sections of the application in detail.
  • Complete the financial section of the application by giving an itemized, specific list of all proposed expenses.
  • If everything is marked as “Complete” in the summary page, save the file as an attachment and email it to We no longer accept hard copies of the application.
  • Upon initial approval, all applicants must make an appointment with Stephanie Ly (


RSOs can request up to $1,000 for the entire academic year (beginning of fall semester to the end of spring semester). However, approval amount is dependent on funding availability and funds are not guaranteed. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on what the needs are for your organization’s programs, funding can be dispersed either for one large event or in smaller increments during the year for smaller events. You must fill out an application every time you request funding because funding support is event specific. OISS will reimburse the actual amount spent up to the pre-approved amount.

OISS funding CANNOT be used for any of the following:

  • Maintaining an office (e.g. telephones, office machinery, office supplies, etc.)
  • Purchasing alcoholic beverages
  • Sponsoring partisan political events or fundraisers
  • Paying off financial loans or existing debts
  • Paying for awards ceremonies or meals limited to your members or officers
  • Attendance at a conference, competition or similar event
  • Purchasing Gift cards, gifts, prizes and any equipment (amps, speakers, projectors, etc.)
  • For-profit fundraising

OISS WILL NOT reimburse:

RSOs student accounts or credit cards used for paying ON-CAMPUS vendors. OISS must directly pay for all on-campus vendors used by your organization. Although RSOs may be asked to provide an AR account number in an order form, you must make sure your account is not charged.


Post-event evaluation is critical to improve your events each year and is required by OISS. After your event, your organization is required to submit the Event Evaluation and Reimbursement Form.

Note: The deadline for submission of this form is two weeks (14 days) after the date of your event. Failing to submit the forms and receipts will result in a withdrawal of OISS sponsorship. 

Fund Disbursement Procedure

Two acceptable methods of payment:

ON-campus MSU Expenses:

  • Direct billing (for vendors only such as Wharton Center, Spartys, Kellogg Center, Campus Bookstore, MSU Union, Green coats, printing, etc.):  At your pre-event meeting with Stephanie Ly at OISS ( you must inform her any on-campus vendors you are using, so she can provide the OISS account number to them in advance of your event. Also, tell her if you have additional sponsors sharing costs of the event.

Caution: Do NOT pay for MSU products or services from RSO AR accounts or personal credit card and ask to be reimbursed!

OFF-Campus Expenses:

  • Keep all ITEMIZED receipts and bills and attach them to the printed “financial” page of the Evaluation and Reimbursement Form and turn them into Stephanie Ly at OISS ( in 105 International Center.

Honorariums, catering, contracts and so on must be pre-approved and directly paid by Stephanie Ly, if requested by OISS.

Note: Only one person will be reimbursed for each event even if multiple people paid for items with personal credit cards. The person who receives the reimbursement for each receipt is responsible for paying back other organization members.

Note: If the event is cancelled, OISS cannot provide any funding. The group is responsible for any funds that have already been spent.

If you have further questions, please contact OISS at (517) 353-1720 or