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Health Insurance

Given the high cost of medical care in the United States MSU advises you in the strongest possible terms that all accompanying family members carry health insurance at all times. The U.S. government does not subsidize any health care costs for foreign visitors. If an uninsured family member needs medical care for any reason, your family could end up with an unmanageable financial burden.

You may purchase health insurance for your dependents through the MSU benefits office, however it may be possible to find a lower-cost health insurance option in your home country or through an internet search.

For additional information on MSU's health insurance policy, please visit ( or contact the MSU Benefits Office at (517) 353-4434 or The MSU student health insurance plan is provided by the Chickering Group. For more information, visit their website at (

Insurance for F-2 and J-2

This message is relevant to those students who have spouses and/or children with them in the United States, or who will be bringing spouses and/or children to the United States in the future. This message is VERY important for any F-1 students with F-2 spouses who are currently pregnant or who may become pregnant in the future.

IMPORTANT : A recent change in the law has made F-2 spouses INELIGIBLE for Medicaid coverage! This means that if a female F-2 spouse becomes pregnant, she can NOT receive Medicaid coverage for prenatal care. Prenatal care is health care of a pregnant woman and her unborn child during pregnancy. Without medical insurance or Medicaid coverage, the costs of prenatal care must be paid by the F-2 spouse or her family. Prenatal care is quite expensive and may not be affordable to many international families.

The law requires that all J-1 students and scholars and J-2 spouses and children have medical insurance while in the United States. The law does not require medical insurance for F-1 students or F-2 dependents, however MSU policy requires F-1 students to have medical insurance.

Currently, MSU does not require the F-2 spouses and children of international students to have medical insurance. However, we do STRONGLY recommend that all spouses and children have medical insurance while in the United States, as medical costs are very high and in case of a medical need, uninsured people may not have access to the necessary health care services. Both the health and finances of international families can suffer greatly if spouses and children do not have medical insurance.

Until recently, F-2 spouses who were pregnant could receive basic prenatal care at no cost through Medicaid, which is a U.S. government program designed to provide medical care to people unable to purchase medical insurance. Many spouses of MSU students have received prenatal care through Medicaid in the past. Since the recent law change, this is no longer an option.

THE BEST PRENATAL CARE IS AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO PURCHASE THEIR OWN MEDICAL INSURANCE. If you have an F-2 spouse who is less than 3 months pregnant or who may become pregnant in the future, it is URGENT that you purchase medical insurance as soon as possible. You may purchase a medical insurance policy through the MSU Benefits Office or through a private provider. If you have an F-2 spouse who is more than 3 months pregnant, please contact the Office for International Students and Scholars to discuss your medical care options.

If you would like additional information about the Medicaid law change, prenatal care available to women without medical insurance, or about purchasing appropriate medical insurance, please contact the Office for International Students and Scholars. You may send an email to, visit walk-in advising hours Monday through Friday between 1pm and 3pm, or schedule an appointment by calling 353-1720.

For questions about enrolling in the Chickering Group medical insurance through the MSU Benefits Office, please contact:
(517) 353-4434
140 Nisbet Building

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