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Community resources

Welcome to the East Lansing Community!

This section includes information on how you can become involved in the community and provides a list of local resources, both on-campus and off. Part of the mission of OISS is to help you become comfortable at MSU by helping you to meet your social needs. We also want to connect you with the community so that you can teach us about your country and culture. There are two main areas that we focus on to help meet the aforementioned goals:

1. Community Volunteers for International Programs (CVIP) – CVIP is one way that you can become connected with an American family through one of CVIP’s programs. Some of the programs are: Friendship Family, Speakers Bureau and Every Tuesday. For more information go to

2. Internationalization of the campus – These are activities that put international students in contact with domestic students through programming. OISS works closely with the office for Internationalizing Student Life to make this happen. For more information go to

There are plenty of ways to get involved: volunteering, participation in the coffee hours or attending one of the OISS sponsored field trips. Please visit our calendar of events.

Resource List

The following is a list of partners with OISS, places on campus that can assist you with various needs and businesses in the community that can help you with your basic needs. Visit the Resource list page.

OISS Business Supporters

This is a list of companies that have generously supported the International Student Orientation Program. Most of the companies are local businesses that provide a range of goods and services to MSU students and the community. Please visit their web sites for further information. Visit the OISS Business Supporters page.

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