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International student clubs

Funding for International Student Groups

MSU encourages international student organizations to share their culture as a way to contribute to the internationalization of MSU and the community of Greater Lansing. To support international student programming on campus, international student groups can apply for funding (/students/funding.htm) to support their programs.

International Student Organizations

There are more than 700 Registered Student Organizations at MSU. This section includes the International Students Association (ISA) as well as other student clubs and groups that may be of interest to you.

To view the student clubs list, see: International RSO 2017-18 E-boards (PDF)* (/documents/students/2017-2018 RSO E-boards.pdf) or Excel version (/documents/students/2017-2018 RSO E-boards.xlsx)

You may also be interested in a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations at MSU. (

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