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International student clubs

There are many student clubs at MSU. This section includes some of the nationality clubs, the International Student Association as well as other student clubs and groups that may be of interest to you.

Funding for International Student Groups

MSU encourages international student organizations to share their culture as a way to contribute to the internationalization of MSU and the community of Greater Lansing. To support international student programming on campus, international student groups can apply for funding to support their programs.

Homer Higbee International Education Award
Recognizes international and domestic students for their significant contributions to the support of international awareness at MSU. The Homer Higbee International Education Award is designed to recognize full time and degree seeking MSU students at the undergraduate and graduate level who demonstrate the characteristics Homer Higbee represented. These include making significant contributions to the support of international awareness at Michigan State University through involvement in programs that promote cross-cultural understanding on campus and in the community.

International Student Club List

President: Evan Martinak

African Student Leadership Association (A.S.L.A)
President: Cheick Oumar Tangara
VP: Dominic Moussa Traore

African Student Union
President: Marion Bakhoya
VP: Florence Otaigbe

Arab Cultural Society
President: Allison Tumas
VP: Fayrouz Andrawes

Albanian American Student Organization

President: Nikolin Turtulli
VP: Mario Alaj

Armenian Student Organization

President: Sona Movsisyan
VP: Anahit Movsesyan

Asian Pacific American Student Association
President: Brenda Duong
VP: William Kang

President: James Conwell
VP: Domonique Clemons

Caribbean Student Association
President: L. Michelle Vital

Chinese American Cross Cultural Experience
President: Boris Hsieh
VP: Dillon Jaghory

China Entrepreneur Network
President: Zhang Yahang
VP: Jin Yuxi

Chinese Student & Scholar Association
President: Huiqing Zheng
VP: Yunfan Li

Chinese Students Coalition
President: Howard Liou
VP: Yuchen Guo

Chinese Undergradute Student Association
President:  Xinwen (Maggie) Zhang
VP: Wengkun Wang

Coalition of Indian Undergraduate Students
President: Neelma Rao
VP: Mona Patel

Council of Graduate Students
President: Emily Bank
VP: Dan Clark and Mandie Maxwell and

Filipino Club
President: Carmille Joanna C. Bales
VP: Neslie Jamora

French Club
President: Alexis Rife
VP: Jess Polus

Hong Kong Student Association
President: Ryan Pun
VP: Alvin Lam

Indian Student Organization
President: Raghav Ravi
VP: Tithi Parikh

Indonesian Student Association
President: Stephanie Lawalu
VP: Faiz Djafri

International Athletic Association
President: John Kim

International Students Association
President: Symbat Payayeva
VP: Boon Yau Ooi ooiboon@msu.eddu

International Volunteer Action Corps
President: Fangfei Li
VP: George Park

Japan Club
President: Hiroya Miyoshi
VP: Leona Komesu

Korean Student Association
President: Stephen Wilson
VP: Andrew Lu

Libyan Student Association
President: Ali Elseddik
VP: Yousef Gtat

Modern Greek Club
President: Tina Katopodis
VP: Brienne Peers

Muslim Student Association
President: Mohammed Rathur
VP: Aquila Hussain

Pakistani Student Association
President: Syed Ali Hussain
VP: Joshua Gill

Persian Student Association
President: Pegah Rajaei
VP: Fariborz Daneshvar

Phi Beta Delta
President: Gabrielle Stremers
VP: Raimee Iacofano

Russian Club
President: Sarah Hartlieb
VP: Kurt Hamel

Sri Lankan Student Association
President: Damith Pererada

Taiwanese Graduate Student Association

President: Fang-Yu Chen
VP: Bin Hwang

Taiwanese Student Association
President: Jessica Cho
VP: William Su

Thai Student Association

Graduate President: Suttipun Sungsuwan
Undergraduate President: Atchareeya Prasitwongsa
VP: Niti Kupatavetin

Turkish Student Association

President: Ahmed Menevseoglu
VP: Elif Can

Vietnamese Student Association and
President: Adam Lam
VP: Jacklyn Ho

You may also be interested in a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations at MSU.

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