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What is the difference between ISEA and "Work-Study"?

ISEA is very similar to the Work-Study program. The main difference is that Work-Study is for US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents while ISEA is only for international students.

Can ISEA be applied to any job?

ISEA can be applied to any job on campus that is paid on an hourly basis. It cannot be applied to assistantships.

What about private employers on campus? (Panda Express, Subway, etc)?

ISEA can only be used for MSU positions.

How do I receive my ISEA award?

It is just like getting any job, except that your employer is getting reimbursed for a part of your salary. The ISEA award does not pay directly to your student account. You get paid through the employee payroll process as you work and earn throughout the year. You can use your earnings to pay part of your bill, or use it for your books or other costs. This means you will not have any ISEA funds available to pay bills until after you have worked and received a pay check.

Once you have a job and begin working, you will receive a paycheck every second week. Your earnings are NOT applied to your bill as a credit. If you are using your earnings to pay MSU expenses, you must make payments to the Cashier's Office.

If you earn all of your ISEA award before the aid period ends, you should talk to your employer about whether he or she can afford to keep you on staff and pay your full salary.

Please Note: Depending on availability of funds, extensions of the ISEA award may be possible for students who earn the full $3,000 award prior to the end of the 2014-2015 Academic Year. Extensions are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon.

How do I find a job on campus?

A comprehensive job listing can be found at

We recommend you read the following information about on-campus jobs provided by the Career Services Network:

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