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What is the difference between ISEA and "Work-Study"?

ISEA is very similar to the Work-Study program. The main difference is that Work-Study is for US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents while ISEA is only for international students. There are also differences between how departments submit Work-Study hours and ISEA hours. See below for further explanation.

Can ISEA be applied to any job?

ISEA can be applied to any job on campus that is paid on an hourly basis. It cannot be applied to assistantships.

How much does ISEA pay?

ISEA is a $3,000 per year award Depending on availability of funds, extensions of the ISEA award may be possible for students who earn the full $3,000 award prior to the end of the 2014-2015 Academic Year. Extensions are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon.

ISEA will pay the wages for half of the hours worked by an award recipient employed at MSU. If the student works 32 hours in a given two-week pay period, then your office will pay for 16 hours of work and ISEA will pay for the remaining 16 hours of work.

How do I know if an international student has the ISEA Award?

Each award recipient has been given a personalized award certification letter to show to prospective employers which will identify the student as an ISEA award winner.

How does my office gain access to ISEA funds?

Because of the ISEA program's relatively small numbers, the shared billing cannot be automated in the same way as the Work-Study program. In each pay period, the employing unit should bill half of the hours worked to the employing unit's account and the other half to the OISS/ISEA account (GU100037).

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