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Need to see a dentist?

Aetna Base/Graduate Assistant plans does not cover dental or vision. But beginning in Fall 2011, MSU offers a new dental insurance program - Delta Dental Plan with an additional $257.28 per year. The maximum coverage is $1,000.

Limited time for enrollment!
Spring enrollment deadline: October through February 28, 2012 (coverage begins January 1, 2012)
More information can be found at the MSU Dental Plan website.

Who is eligible?

  • MSU Students & family members
  • MSU Graduate students & family members
  • Visiting scholars & family members

Table of Benefits

Covered services Delta Dental PPO dentists1 Delta Dental Premier® and non-participating dentists2
Class I Benefits
Diagnostic services** 100% 0%
Preventive services** 100% 0%
Radiographs** 100% 0%
Class II Benefits
Oral surgery 80% 0%
Minor restorative services** 100% 0%
Periodontics 80% 0%
Endodontics 80% 0%
Class III Benefits
Major restorative services (i.e., single crowns) 80% 0%
Maximums and deductible
Contract year maximum $1,000 per member
Deductible (per contract year)
**Deductible waived for these services
$25 per member

1Coverage levels for Delta Dental PPO are based on dentist's submitted fee or the amount in the local Delta Dental's PPO dentist fee schedule, whichever is less.
2There is no out-of-network coverage except for certain emergency services associated with the emergency treatment of dental pain or a problem-focused exam.

Rates Students & Scholars Graduate Assistant
Student Only $257.28/yr $128.64/yr
Student + Spouse $477.12/yr $348.48/yr
Student + Child(ren) $572.16/yr $443.52/yr
Student + Spouse + Child(ren) $885.84/yr $757.20/yr

Please Note: You are NOT automatically enrolled in the Delta Dental Plan. You need to purchase it online.

For more information & enrollment, please visit the MSU student dental plan website

Check here for Frequently Asked Questions about Delta Dental Plan

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