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Finding furniture for your apartment

Please note that University Housing cannot guarantee furniture in Spartan Village and Cherry Lane Apartments. University Housing does however have some furniture available but you need to ask for it from University Housing when you check in or you can try to request it in advance by email ( or by phone (517-355-9550). Below are some suggestions for obtaining furniture that may help you. Finally, contact your nationality clubs to see if they can help you in any way.

1. is a website dedicated to serving MSU students. The furniture section of advertises inexpensive/used furniture in the MSU community.

2. University Housing also has information on furniture rental. Please inquire with University Housing if you are interested in this option.
University Housing Office
(517) 355-9550

Please note: Renting furniture in the U.S. can be an expensive option. Please study this option carefully before you sign any rental agreement.

3. MSU has many nationality clubs. Please do not hesitate to contact them in advance of your arrival. They can be quite helpful in regards to practical details that will facilitate your first days in the community.

If you do not have a nationality club listed, please contact the International Student Association (ISA) at or

4. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact OISS at or (517) 353-1720.

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