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End of year message from the director of OISS

Posted By: OISS    Published: Friday, 27 Apr 2012

Dear international students:

As the academic year comes to a close, the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) writes to extend best wishes to MSU`s international community. Congratulations to all students completing their studies and receiving degrees. Let us offer a few end of the year reminders for graduating and returning students:

1) If you are leaving the U.S. for the summer and will return as an F-1 student or on Optional Practical Training (OPT), please remember to get a travel signature from our office. Signatures should be no older than 6 months upon your re-entry. Please click here for more information on travel: (

2) If you are graduating and have not yet applied for OPT, please note that your OPT application needs to be received by immigration before the end of your 60-day grace period. OISS cannot process OPT applications for students who have already completed their program and grace period. If you will be on OPT, please click here for a summary of your responsibilities:* (

3) If summer semester is your final graduation semester, you cannot take online classes only. Graduation in summer semester does not make summer a vacation period. Instead, it becomes a regular semester. You must also complete a Reduced Course Load for last semester:* (

4) If you are planning on taking the Fall 2012 term off, but expect to resume your studies in January 2013, please complete the Semester Off form and come to our office during walk-in hours to talk with an advisor. This will avoid unauthorized termination of your I-20 so you can reenter on your I-20 in January. To access the Semester Off Authorization form please click here:* (

5) If you are planning to transfer to another school you must complete the transfer out form so that MSU can release your SEVIS record to your new school. Your new school cannot create a new I-20 for you unless your record is released to them. To access the Transfer Out form please click here:* (

6) If you are remaining in the U.S. and plan to change your address over the summer, you must update your information with the Registrar’s office as soon as you move to your new address. To access the change of address form online, please click here: (/ Maintaining an accurate current address is a mandatory requirement by the U.S. Government and the student's responsibility.

7) Lastly, please note that Coffee Hour will not be held over the summer break. Please check our calendar of events for other activities planned for the summer: (


Peter Briggs, Director
Office for International Students and Scholars
Michigan State University

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