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Emergency Tuition Award deadline extended to Jan 16

Posted By: OISS    Published: Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012

The International Student Emergency Tuition Award program is administered by the Office for International Students and Scholars to provide emergency tuition assistance to a limited number of international students who have experienced unexpected financial need, which they are unable to meet with available financial resources. Amounts awarded are typically for 1 to 3 credits of tuition and fees.

To qualify, applicants MUST meet these criteria:

  • Have a documented need arising as a result of unforeseen circumstances, with inadequate financial resources remaining.
  • Be in good academic and immigration standing. If underenrolled, you must have an approved form on file in OISS.
  • Will graduate within two (2) semesters (exceptions may be granted to students who demonstrate exceptional circumstances earlier than the final 2 semesters)

The Awards Committee will only review completed applications. Completed applications MUST include:

  • Application form (attached)
  • A copy of your current account balance from STUINFO
  • Bank statements for the past three months that show detailed financial transactions (i.e., savings, checking, certificate of deposits, etc.)
  • A personal statement explaining clearly the circumstances, which have led to your financial need.
  • Proof of monthly housing payment (either rent or mortgage payment)
  • Proof of any other monthly debt such as a car payment or credit card balance
  • Recent pay stubs from campus or other employment
  • A completed Faculty Recommendation Form (attached)

Important Information:

  • If you do not meet any of the above criteria or cannot meet the requirements, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY!
  • If you are awaiting financing from a sponsor or scholarship there is an option for a short-term loan. Please apply for a short-term loan instead of the emergency tuition award. See a walk-in advisor at OISS for more information.
  • If you are awarded an assistantship anytime during the semester, please inform OISS so that any emergency award you have received may be given to another applicant.
  • Priority is given to first time applicants who have demonstrated financial need. In most cases, no more than two semesters of emergency tuition will be awarded.

For more information on the Emergency Tuition Award and to download an application, please visit:

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