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CVIP Lillian Kumata Scholarship
CVIP Lillian Kumata Scholarship

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Apply for the CVIP Lillian Kumata Scholarship

Posted By: Meg Elizabeth Dedyne    Published: Friday, 10 Jul 2015

Attention married students! The deadline for accepting applications for the CVIP Lillian Kumata Scholarship is July 31, with interviews the following week. If selected this scholarship can pay up to $2500 tuition at MSU.

Applicants must be currently registered at MSU and must be married to a currently enrolled MSU international student. For more information and to apply, go to

Can F2s study?

Under current regulations, there are limits on study by F-2 spouses and children. Spouses and children in F-2 status may enroll in less than a full course of study (i.e., part-time only) at an SEVP-certified school in any course of study. The rules allowing avocational and recreational enrollment and K-12 study remain unchanged.
Under the NEW rule:

  • F-2 spouses and children will be allowed to enroll in less than a "full course of study" at an SEVP-certified school without violating their status, even if that part-time study eventually leads to a degree or certificate.

  • The penalties for pursuing a full course of study outside the scope of the expanded rule will still constitute a violation of status.

  • F-2 dependents will still be prohibited from engaging in employment, as they are under the current rule.




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