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Get all the details about your arrival to MSU this fall. We are excited to meet you!
Get all the details about your arrival to MSU this fall. We are excited to meet you!

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New students: Important MSU tuition and financial information

Posted By: OISS    Published: Wednesday, 17 Jul 2013

You probably have many questions about how you will pay your tuition and housing expenses and other things you need upon arrival to MSU. Much information can be found at Please read the information thoroughly. Below are some of the more common concerns for incoming international students.

How do I find my MSU Tuition and Housing bill?
Login to the StuInfo web site with your MSU NetID at and look under the Billing Services heading.

How can I estimate my tuition and housing expenses?
Use the MSU Tuition, Fees and Housing calculator at

When is my tuition due?
The first bill goes out electronically on 7/20/13 and is due on 8/8/13.

May I pay my tuition with a credit card?
MSU accepts MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Credit card payments can only be made on-line in STUINFO. They cannot be made in person, over the phone, or by mail. MSU does not accept Visa. Please be aware that there is a convenience fee, of approximately 2.5% of the amount being charged, associated with using a credit card. MSU also accepts electronic transfer of funds as a method of payment. There is no charge for this payment method. Just choose "ACH" for your payment method.

Can I pay with a bank draft from my home country?
Please note that bank drafts will take two to three weeks to process, and you will not be able to access your money until funds from a bank draft have been verified. Only amounts owed to MSU should be included in a bank draft. Personal funds should not be sent directly to MSU.

Should I bring cash?
While a small amount of cash is useful to pay for small things like meals and transportation, it is unwise to carry large amounts of cash with you. Opening a bank or credit union account upon arrival is recommended. You should get a debit/ATM card that allows you to withdraw cash as needed from your account for convenience.

Does MSU accept payments from non-United States bank accounts?
No. MSU does not accept payments from foreign bank accounts.

Does the university offer payment plans?
Yes, MSU offers a deferred payment plan to help students and families finance educational costs. The deferred payment plan allows students to defer up to one-half (50%) of tuition, matriculation fees, energy fee and any program fees (if applicable); and up to two-thirds (66%) of residence hall charges. You can opt for the deferred payment plan simply by paying the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) or by paying at least the MAD, but less than the Adjusted Account Balance on the Registration Bill. Deferred amounts are usually payable in two installments. The costs associated with this plan are as follows:

a. A $10.00 payment plan fee per semester (charged when the student becomes registered).
b. A 1% per month charge (12% Annual Percentage Rate) on the outstanding tuition and tuition related charges.

The deferred FALL payments are due the first business day of October and November. For SPRING semester, the deferred payments are due the first business day of February and March.

Am I considered an in-state or out-of-state student for billing purposes?
In some cases, graduate assistants are billed at in-state rates; however, in most cases all international students are considered out-of-state. If you think you may have an unusual circumstance that makes you eligible for in-state tuition, or think you have been billed at the wrong level (undergraduate billed as graduate or vice versa) please contact your department or the Registrar's Office at

When can I obtain an MSU ID?
The MSU ID Office will be open on Thursday, Aug. 15th and Friday, Aug. 16th from 8am-5pm in 170 International Center. In addition, the MSU ID Office will be accessible on Saturday, August 17th from 1 pm-5pm and Sunday, Aug. 19th from 12 pm-5pm for students who could not get their IDs on Thursday and Friday. Limited professional staff and services are available on Saturday and Sunday, but it is crucial that you have your idea before the first orientation session because we will take attendance by swiping your ID card.

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