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MSU Resource: Improve your writing!

Posted By: OISS    Published: Tuesday, 04 Sep 2012

Through the College of Education’s Office of Student Writing Assistance (OSWA) (, Professor Douglas Campbell is available to help College of Education undergraduate and graduate students improve their writing.

Professor Campbell assists students across a wide variety of writing types and requirements, including but not limited to course papers; literature reviews for various purposes; funding, thesis, dissertation, and publication proposals; formulating and writing up research “results” in relation to their supporting evidence and literatures; thesis and dissertation chapter drafts; job application letters and resumes; drafts of articles or book chapters for publication; responses to dissertation committees’ or journal/book editors’ comments and critiques; etc. Professor Campbell is particularly interested in helping students improve in conceptualizing, constructing, and revising their writing to support the positions they wish to take, and/or the arguments they wish to make.

Depending on a student’s interests and needs, Professor Campbell’s support includes attention to the specifics of English grammar and vocabulary, the substantive issues that the student’s writing addresses, and the consistency of the student’s writing and its responsiveness in relation to:

  • the course, program, or publication requirements being met
  • the types of writing expected/required of the student
  • the larger personal and socio-cultural contexts that affect the student’s writing and its persuasiveness to the audiences that the student wants to and/or is required to address
  • the overall need and strategies for assuring the “fit” and “flow” of one’s writing across the components of a particular piece in the production of a clear and coherent argument/”storyline.”

Professor Campbell’s office hours are listed below; appointments can be made by email (, by telephone (517-432-0425 [OSWA], 517-449-1849 [cell], 517-432-2795 [fax]), or by stopping by the OSWA office when Professor Campbell is there.  Telephone and online meetings can also be arranged, both within and outside these hours.

Students are encouraged to send Professor Campbell any writing on which they seek assistance in advance their meeting with him, by email attachment or by drop-off at the OSWA.  (Please note: he will more likely be able to read your paper before your meeting if you email it to him no later than 6:00 pm on the day before your appointment.)  Professor Campbell is also pleased to meet with students without a specific piece of writing to review and discuss.

WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS – Fall 2012 – 116-I Erickson Hall
(occasionally some of the times below are not available due to Professor Campbell’s other duties)
Mondays: 10:30 am-12 noon, 1:30-5:30 pm   
Tuesdays: 10:30 am-12 noon, 1:30-5:30 pm
Thursdays: 1:30-7:00 pm 
Fridays: 10:00 am-12 noon, 1:30-5:30 pm

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