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Being a Spartan: A cross-cultural experience!

Posted By: OISS    Published: Tuesday, 28 Aug 2012

The MSU Counseling Center (MSUCC), Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) and Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions (OCAT) are excited to announce a new series of one-hour workshops to help students be successful at MSU. 

These workshops are applicable to ALL students new to MSU–including domestic students who recognize that intercultural relationships and a multicultural education will prepare them for study abroad, internships, and securing a job in our global workplace.

Also, these workshops are designed to be interactive and experiential in nature--they are NOT lectures or powerpoint presentations!

  • “Welcome to MSUandia!” – A Cross-Cultural Experience
    Friday, Sept. 14, Rm 201, International Center
  • “I really miss real ___ food!” – Food Across Cultures
    Friday, Sept. 21, Rm 303, International Center
  • “There is just so much to do!” – Time Across Cultures
    Friday, Sept. 28 Rm 303, International Center
  • “I am scared to talk to him/her.” – Authority Across Cultures
    Friday, Oct. 5, Rm 201, International Center
  • “It is difficult to make new friends.” – Friendship Across Cultures
    Friday, Oct. 12, Rm 201, International Center
  • “Something is lost in translation.” – Intercultural Communication
    Friday, Oct. 19 Rm 201, International Center
  • “Why do I have to take these courses?” – Careers Across Cultures 
    Friday, Oct. 26 Rm 303, International Center
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