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Intern At OISS

The OISS Internship Program

About OISS

Michigan State University hosts more than 7,600 international non-immigrant students and scholars from 130 countries. The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) serves MSU’s international students and scholars through:

  • Advising and interpretation of U.S. government regulations
  • Providing orientation and information programs for international students
  • Providing personal counseling on cross-cultural issues
  • Serving as liaison with the U.S. Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, sponsoring agencies, community activities, and foreign embassies
  • Serving as a point of first referral for MSU’s international non-immigrant community

Internship Opportunity

The OISS Internship Program provides opportunities for MSU graduate and undergraduate students to learn the field of international student services. This program provides significant contact with students from countries around the world.  This kind of experiential learning has educational and personal value. The internship provides structured training and hands-on experiential learning in the following areas:

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Expectations of Interns

  • Interns must conduct themselves as professionals at all times. In this role, you are representing the OISS.
  • Interns must give their schedule to OISS before the start of each semester so hours in the OISS can be arranged.
  • Interns must never give advice to an international student or scholar unless they are 100% certain of their information.
  • Interns must devote some of their time to serving as front counter receptionists. When they are serving as a receptionist, they will be accountable to the Font-Desk Supervisor.
  • Interns must be interested in this field of work and must take a leadership role in directing their own learning.

What Interns can expect of OISS

  • Over the course of the year, interns will become fully versed in the field of international student and scholar services.
  • Interns will have a structure of training that will involve several OISS advisers.
  • OISS advisers understand that interns might interrupt them on occasion when the intern is uncertain of how to proceed.
  • If an intern wishes to attend a professional NAFSA conference, OISS will pay for conference registration fees and for the cost of one workshop, pending funding approval from the Director. The intern would be responsible the cost of travel, meals and accommodation.