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2018 CSSA MSU Temple Fair: Celebrating The Year of The Dog

Date: Friday, 16 Feb 2018 Time: 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm Location: Shaw Hall, Basement


Cooperating with MSU REHS and MSU Culinary Service for the fourth year, MSU CSSA is hosting the annual Chinese new year event "2018 Temple Fair: Celebrating The Year of The Dog". This event is FREE ADMISSION to ALL MSU community.

In the event, you will:
- EXPERIENCE how Chinese celebrate new year in China
- LEARN Chinese culture by participating in paper cutting, paper folding, making Chinese divination and Chinese calligraphy. You can learn how to write or have your name written in Chinese!
- PLAY traditional Chinese games such as Gomoku, Chinese Klocki and so on.
-TAKE PRIZES HOME when you redeem vouchers from winning the games.
- FREE FOOD such as Tangyuan( Rice Dumpling)�'Tanghulu�'Tea Eeg, Bao Buns, etc will be provided as a showcase of Chinese food.
- WATCH the performances such as traditional dancing, music, etc at certain hours.

Be sure to grab a map from the information desk on the event day!

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