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VIPP Signature Lecture - Dr. Felicia Wu

Date: Thursday, 02 Nov 2017 Time: 2:15 pm to 4:00 pm Location: International Center 115


John A. Hannah distinguished professor Dr. Felicia Wu will give a lecture on Carcinogens in our Food: Global Impact in Comparison to Diet-Related Risks. Certain chemicals and naturally occurring toxins that contaminate our food supply have been shown to cause human cancer. Among them are aflatoxin (a fungal toxin, naturally occurring in corn and various nuts and spices), arsenic, and aristolochic acid. In this talk, she will discuss her work with the World Health Organization (WHO) to evaluate the global burden of disease caused by carcinogens in the human diet. She will compare the burden of these risks to the global burden of cancer caused by other diet-related risks, including processed and red meat, and diet-related obesity.

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