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2007 Statistical Reports

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to present you with this year's statistical report on international students and scholars at Michigan State University. The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) is responsible for serving MSU's international community and prepares this comprehensive report annually. Included with the statistics is a list of the some of the activities that OISS has engaged in over the past year.

  • OISS hosted a reception with President Lou Anna K. Simon and distinguished members of the community of East Lansing to honor the presence of international students at MSU.
  • This year marks the fifth year for the International Student Essay Contest. This contest enabled international students to write about their experiences on our campus and in our community. The top essays from last year can be found on our website.
  • Community Volunteers for International Programs (CVIP) collaborated with the MSU Union to present the annual Global Festival. This tradition brings more than 4,000 members of the community of Greater Lansing into contact with MSU international students in a "visit the world in a day" cultural program.
  • The weekly International Coffee Hour continues to be a popular tradition for gathering, conversation, and the opportunity to make friends from around the world.

All these activities and many more, we believe, have helped in making MSU a welcoming and comfortable place for international students to pursue their academic goals. It is a privilege for our staff to serve the international community. In the links that follow, you will find a wealth of statistical information on the international student and scholar population at MSU.

Below are some general observations about this year's data:

1. Enrollment numbers
  • The fall 2007 total of 3,869 international students is the highest in MSU's history. The increase of 343 students over fall 2006 is growth of 9.7 % over last year's previous record. The trend of strong growth in MSU's international enrollments over the past two years is welcome news following the slight decrease in fall 2005.
  • International freshman increased by an extraordinary 45% over fall 2007. The overall increase of 288 international undergraduates showed growth of 24.8% over fall 2006.
  • International graduate student enrollments increased by 17 students over fall 2006.

2. Sending Countries

  • Asia sends the most international students to MSU. With 907 Korea remains the country sending the most international students to MSU. This is followed by China (787), India (393) and Taiwan (233).
  • Most of the strong increase in international undergraduates came from Korea and China. Overall, enrollments from China increased by 31.2% over fall 2006. Enrollments from Japan declined by 8.4% over a year ago.
  • Enrollments from five countries, Korea, China, India, Taiwan and Japan, make up 63.1% of the total international student enrollment.
  • The number of sending countries dropped from 136 in 2006 to 131 in fall 2007.
  • International students comprise 8.4% of MSU's total enrollment in fall 2007.

3. Hosting colleges

  • The Colleges of Business (638), Natural Science (587), Engineering (535), and Arts and Letters (452) enrolled the largest numbers of international students during the 2006 academic year.

4. Visiting scholars

  • In addition to the record high number of international students, a total of 957 international scholars were on campus this past year to teach and/or conduct research.

5. Local economic impact

  • According to the Institute of International Education's formula, the total of 4972 international students and scholars at MSU contributed more than $92 million to the local economy.
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