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International Visa options

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Petitions for an immigrant visa should be submitted only for individuals for whom MSU can show a documented permanend full-time position.

NOTE: Dr. Theodore H. Curry, Associate Provost and Assistant Vice President for Academic Human Resources is the only University official authorized to signimmigration documents on behalf of MSU.

Application for Immigrant Status
Obtaining immigrant status for an employee is generally a three-step process:

  1. Labor certification submitted to the U. S. Department of Labor.
  2. An immigrant visa petition on Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (I-140); and
  3. Adjustment of status on Application for Permanent Residence (I-485) to USCIS.

Special Handling Packet:

  1. Information Sheet
  2. Departmental Checklist
  3. Employer Information Sheet
  4. Employee Information Sheet
  5. Internal Notice of Filing
  6. Sample Recruitment Report
  7. Search Committee Final Report
  8. Statement of Degree Qualification
  9. Acknowledgement Statement
  10. Labor Certification Course List

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