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J-1 Scholar Applications

Paper Request Instructions

Each application form includes a cover sheet with comprehensive instructions for each type of request, including a checklist for the documentation that must accompany each request.

All completed requests should be submitted with attention to "OISS J-1 Visa Program". Requests may be hand-delivered to the OISS lobby in 105 International Center or sent via campus mail to:

OISS J-1 Visa Program
105 International Center

An advisor will review the request within 10-15 business days and, if needed, contact you in order to resolve any questions or concerns. Upon approval, a new DS-2019 will be created and you will be contacted.


  • As of November 2011, all scholar DS-2019s issued by OISS must have an accompanying Export Control Worksheet (ECW) approved by the MSU Office of Export Control and Trade Sanctions.
  • This rule applies only to paper requests submitted for J-1 Scholar extensions and J-1 Scholar repeat visitors. J-1 students and J-1 student interns do not need an approved ECW.
  • OISS advises you to submit the ECW to the MSU Export office on or before the date you submit the J-1 Scholar DS-2019 request.
  • OISS cannot release a DS-2019 to the requesting department until the approved ECW is received from the Export office.

For J-1 Scholar applications subject to the ECW requirement: Once the DS-2019 is created and the approved Export Control Worksheet (ECW) is received from the Export Control and Trade Sanctions office (, you will be notified via email to pick up the documents at our front desk in room 105 of the International Center. If the DS-2019 is ready to be created but the approved ECW is not received, OISS will notify you via email and hold the production of the DS-2019 until the approved ECW is received.

For all other J-1 paper requests: We will notify you via email when the DS-2019 is created.

Picking up the DS-2019: Because of the sensitive nature of visa documents, we ask that you or a representative come to our office to pick up the forms in person. All documents will be available in 105 International Center.

Current initial review time for J-1 paper requests is 15 business days.

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