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J-1 Scholar Applications

Electronic Request Instructions

To access the J-1 Scholar Web Application, please visit

System Access

All those with an MSU NetID and faculty or staff status may initiate a request through the Web Application. In order to secure the necessary approvals for your request, your dean/director/department chair (the person in charge of approving J-1 scholar hosting decisions in your unit) must be authorized in the Forms Tracking Utility (FTU) system as the official Department Head for your unit's Organizational Code. If this has not been done, or if you need to change your Department Head in FTU, please submit the following ARM Request to AIS:*. Please complete the form, obtain a signature from your unit's Security Contact, and send the original form to the address at the top of the form.

Required Information and Materials

Before you submit a request in the system, you should have the following documents and/or files available:

Proof of funds must be on letterhead or stamped, signed, dated, and no older than 6 months. It also must be written in English OR provided in its original form with a third party translation that includes the “Certification by Translator” found below.

The following example must be reproduced on a separate document:

Certification by Translator

I [typed name], certify that I am fluent (conversant) in the English and ________ languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled ______________________________.


Typed name

Translations can be made by anyone who is competent in both English and the visitor’s native language. The visitor them self or family member cannot translate.


  • As of November 2011, all DS-2019s issued by OISS must have an accompanying Export Control Worksheet (ECW) approved by the MSU Office of Export Control and Trade Sanctions.
  • OISS advises you to submit the ECW to the MSU Export office on or before the date you submit the electronic J-1 Scholar DS-2019 request.
  • OISS cannot release a DS-2019 to the requesting department until the approved ECW is received from the Export office.

Link to ECW:

Submitting the J-1 Request

  • Log in to
  • Click "J-1 Scholar" in the menu at the top of the screen
  • Under "J-1 Scholar List", click "ADD NEW SCHOLAR"
  • Enter the scholar's biographical and program information in each of the first four screens, navigating by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen or the menu on the left of the screen.
  • On the Attachments screen (#5), upload the required documents in either Word (.doc), Adobe (.pdf) or picture (.jpg) format.
  • On the Review and Submit screen (#6), please check all information once more for accuracy. After making any necessary edits and confirming all information is correct, click the "Review and submit for approvals" button at the bottom of the screen. Please make a note of the FTU slip number for your records.

Next Steps

The J-1 Scholar request will be routed to OISS via the Forms Tracking Utility (FTU) system. Here is a basic outline of the steps in the FTU approval process:

While the request is being routed through FTU, you may log on to the FTU dashboard at and enter the FTU slip number to check the progress of the slip.

If OISS approves the request, it will be immediately routed to your designated Department Head in FTU and you will be notified via email.

If OISS disapproves the request, you will receive an email notification from FTU. The email will contain comments from the OISS advisor explaining what changes need to be made before the request can be approved. When you are ready to make the changes, please log back in to the J-1 Scholar web application, edit the request, and re-submit. A new FTU slip number will be generated for a re-submission - please make a note of the new slip number for your records.

Once both OISS and your Department Head have approved the request, it will be routed back to OISS for DS-2019 production. If the approved Export Control Worksheet (ECW) is received from the Export Control and Trade Sanctions office (, the new DS-2019 should be available in approximately 2-4 business days after Department Head approval.

If the approved ECW is not received, OISS will notify you via email and hold production of the DS-2019 until the approved ECW is received.

Once the DS-2019 is ready, you will be notified via email to pick up the documents at our front desk in room 105 of the International Center.

*Adobe Acrobat Reader Opens in new window is required to read PDF documents.