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International Visa options

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J-1 Scholars

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa Program at MSU facilitates international educational exchange with scholars and students from around the world.

Three basic types of J-1 visas are used at MSU: Scholars, Students, and Student Interns. The information below constitutes a summary of these three categories. If the J-1 academic program you wish to facilitate does not fit neatly into the visa categories below, please contact OISS for further guidance as some flexibility is available.

J-1 Visa Categories Available at MSU:

  • J-1 Scholars: Academic visitors who conduct research, consult, or collaborate on academic projects. Scholars may be funded by MSU, by a foreign institution or government, the scholar themselves, or any other outside entity.
    • Short-Term Scholar - for academic visits of six months or less.
    • Research Scholar or Professor- for academic visits of six months or more (max five years).
      • Research Scholars primarily conduct research.
      • Professors primarily teach.

  • J-1 Students: Academic visitors who enroll for full-time classes at the university. J-1 Students must either have 51% or more of their funding coming from an outside source (i.e. not the student or student's family) OR must be enrolling at MSU under the auspices of an exchange agreement between MSU and a foreign institution, government, or NGO.

  • J-1 Student Interns: Academic visitors who are conducting an internship at MSU to complete a requirement for their ongoing degree program at a foreign college/university. Student Interns may be funded by MSU, by a foreign institution or government, the student intern themselves, or any other outside entity.

Academic units who wish to host J-1 visitors are responsible for submitting a formal request for MSU J-1 visa sponsorship. Please review further host department responsibilities (/visasJ_deptresp.htm).

Funding Requirements: Minimum Funding Requirements for J-1 Scholars:

** Amounts listed subject to change

Per month

Per year










Funding Requirements for Dependents:

** Amounts listed subject to change

Per year

Spouse (wife/husband)


Each child under 21 $3,000 Per Child


Application procedures

OISS accepts some J-1 visa requests electronically and others via paper applications.

Requests to host J-1 Research Scholars, Professors, or Short-Term Scholars who are new to MSU (i.e. currently located outside the US or are currently holding J-1 sponsorship from another US institution) are accepted only through the J-1 Scholar Web Application (/visasJ_eapp.htm).

The following types of requests are accepted via paper applications:

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