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International Visa options

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H-1B status (Non-Immigrant worker)

H-1B status is for an alien who is coming temporarily to the U. S. to perform services in a specialty occupation. The status is reserved for those "who possess high education, technical training, specialized experience or exceptional ability". The university may have a "dual intent" in hiring an individual, first temporarily and later permanently if approved for an immigrant visa.

The maximum period of time an individual may remain in the U. S. on an H-1B status is six (6) years. The individual may be admitted initially for up to a three (3) year period. An extension of three (3) years can be requested if needed. The individual cannot transfer an BCIS approved H-1B petition to another employer.

H-1B Packet: (To be used by MSU departments)

  1. H-1B General Information and Procedures (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/H-1B General Information and Procedures.pdf)
  2. Department Checklist (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/Department Checklist.pdf)
  3. H-1B Employee Checklist (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/H-1B Employee Checklist.pdf)
  4. H-1B Prevailing Wage Request Form (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/prevailing_wage.pdf)
  5. Internal Notice (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/internal_notice.pdf)
  6. Actual Wage Statement (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/actual_wage_statement.pdf)
  7. H-1B Support Letter (Sample Letter) (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/sample_letter.pdf) | MS Word Version (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/word/sample_letter.docx)
  8. H-1B Flowchart (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/Flowchart.pdf)
  9. H-1B Part Time Certification (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/parttime_certification.pdf)
  10. Translation Certification (PDF)* (/../../documents/departments/H1B_packet/translation_certification.pdf)
  11. Export Control Worksheet ( (Click on 'VISAS - Worksheet for Visa Applications' in the 'Export Control Form' section)

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